Powerbucks Slot Machines in Ontario

In Ontario, you can win million-dollar jackpots on the Powerbucks slot machines at the province’s largest casinos, or at OLG.ca. These games give you the chance to win a fixed jackpot of one million dollars on any type of bet. With higher bets, there is a progressive prize that starts at 1 million. This prize increases every time players place bets on the Powerbucks slots.

On the Internet, the site OLG.ca is the only Ontario website where you can play the Powerbucks games. Several variations of the game are available with different betting levels.

OLG Casino in Ontario Canada

How to Play Powerbucks

Bets from $0.50 to $2.99 qualify players for a $1 million static jackpot. There are also chances to win smaller jackpots. By betting at least $3 per spin, you can win a progressive jackpot that starts at $1 million.

When you bet $3 or more per spin, you can unlock various game bonuses, which increase your chances of winning big.

Everybody Can Win

Even with small bets, any player can win 1 million on a Powerbucks slot machine. The online versions of the series give you the chance to win the progressive jackpot with any bet. However, the odds of winning big prizes are not very good with small bets.

To increase your chances of winning a million-dollar jackpot, you should bet at least $3 a spin.

How do the Powerbucks Bonuses Work?

The Powerbucks slot bonus features are randomly triggered at any time. Once triggered, players can choose between three different bonuses depending on their betting levels. Naturally, the higher you bet, the more bonuses you get.

What is the Prize Structure?

Powerbucks gives you the chance to win a static jackpot of $1 million on every bet level. With bets between $0.50 and $2.99 per spin, you can win the jackpot. To win the progressive jackpot starting at $1 million, you need to bet $3 or more per spin. Note that if you try your luck on the Powerbucks online slots, you can win the progressive jackpot even with small bets.

The best way to find out about betting structures, bonus features and jackpots is to refer to the casino’s game rules. In a local casino, this information is available on a sign on the side of the machines. On a casino site, just click on the help menu.

What are the Odds of Winning the Jackpot?

The chance of winning the static jackpot of one million with a $0.50 bet is 1 in 150 million. The odds of hitting the progressive jackpot with a $3 bet are 1 in 25 million. Like lottery games, the more you bet, the more likely you are to win the top prize. However, when you make high bets on the Powerbucks machines, you greatly improve your chances of winning the jackpot.

It’s important to understand how these slot machines work. Every time someone places a bet, their game is treated as if it were an independent event with the same probability of winning or losing. The outcome of your last bet has no impact on what happens on your next spin. In other words, you can’t predict a win.

Who owns the Powerbucks Concept?

Powerbucks is a concept of the IGT group. It’s the first large-scale progressive game in history. The network links the jackpot prize pool between the casinos that offer the Powerbucks series of games. Since the launch of the first slot in the series, dozens of players have managed to become millionaires with these popular games.

In addition to the Powerbucks series, IGT holds the rights to the Wheel of Fortune game !

Types of Games

In the Powerbucks series, there’s a wide range of slot machines with different themes and betting amounts.

The most exciting titles on the network are:

  • Powerbucks: Power Hits
  • Powerbucks: Arctic Gems
  • Megabucks: Triple Double Stars

Wheel of Fortune

The Powerbucks series includes a whole range of Wheel of Fortune slot machines. To name but a few, here are the three best-known:

  • Wheel of Fortune: Shimmering Sapphires
  • Wheel of Fortune: Latin Getaways
  • Wheel of Fortune: Hawaiian Getaway

Powerbucks Slot machine and the Wheel of Fortune Game

Big Wins

There are different Powerbucks games, and they can all pay out crazy wins. Every month, lucky players win the fixed jackpot of one million. As for the progressive jackpots of over a million dollars, the biggest jackpots won recently have exceeded $2 million.

On the Internet, one of the biggest Powerbucks jackpots was won in May 2020. One very lucky player won a $2.2 million jackpot on the OLG.ca website.

Games Similar to Powerbucks

The Powerbucks network of slot machines is unique in Ontario. In land-based casinos in Ontario, you won’t find any other slots with such a large jackpot potential. But there are other video slots with crazy jackpots on casino sites for Ontario players. These games are from the Maple Moolah series. Available at Games Global-affiliated online casinos, the Maple Moolah games are progressive video slots with different payout levels.

Maple Moolah Slot Machines

The biggest Maple Moolah prizes are available on the bonus wheels, which offer a prize of over a million Canadian dollars. To discover these games, we recommend the website Jackpot City. This website is a favorite when it comes to selecting a reliable online casino in Ontario.


OLG is the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in Canada. In Ontario, it oversees lotteries, casinos owned by charities and indigenous people, commercial casinos, and slot machines at horse racing tracks.